• Horst was born in Vienna on the 14.11.1969 and grew up as a hyperactive child in  Maria Anzbach in a close relationship with his grandfather. He enjoyed football, tennis, swimming and started to play piano at the age of 6.
    His talent and love for music became quickly apparent. By the age of 14 he was playing keyboards in his first band and it didn`t take long before he was standing in front of the microphone. He learnt guitar playing in various bands. His musical journey had begun.

    “My life is an odyssey, searching for it`s own voice“

    During his twenties, he formed a number of bands - INDIGO, who reached the final of the biggest European Band Competition “POP O DROM”, as well as NEXUS, LOOSE LIPS, EDDY & THE LOST SOULS, often working with the legendary ERICH BUCHEBNER in his recording studio.

    Horst exapanded his horizons further and studied at the “KONSERVATORIUM fuer MUSIK & DRAMATISCHE-KUNST” in Vienna, took classes in Jazzvocals, and later became a member of the “JOSEPH HAYDN-CHOR“, still finding time to become involved in numerous audio productions for the animation film company CARICARTOON (Baydog ,Tourists, Gorax…)
    Passionately interested in life and foreign cultures, Horst travelled widely. He backpacked through Europe, The Americas, Africa and Asia, and these influences can all be heard in his music. During this time he experimented with Soul, Rock, Jazz, and Funk to help him to forge a path towards his own musical identity. At the time he felt at home everywhere and nowhere.
    In 2004 he opened the renowned “KULTUR & EVENTGASTHOF zum goldenen loewen“ in his home town of Maria Anzbach. Many national and international artists, musicians and comedians find it an ideal venue to perform in.
    In 2006 the disaster! A terrible accident catapulted him, through no fault of his own, into a wheelchair. His fight for survival went on for 3 weeks. After a year in hospital and rehabilitation with numerous operations, Horst returned back to his “old-new life“ in 2007. As a result, he exchanged his piano and acoustic guitar for a modern recording studio. From this moment on, he threw himself into using these new tools to express his experiences through music.
    After 4 years of hard work he was able to realise in 2012 his new project GARAGE-CLUB, and the debut album “Therapy Seasons“ is definitely the most important project of his career so far. Doubt, hate, anger, suffering, frustration, envy, pain... and yet with unending hope. Pure, honest, essential music with depth is precisely described in “Therapy Seasons“.

    Horst knows how to create music that lets people know how he is feeling.

    As a highly self critical artist, Horst plans within the next few years to create an exact symbiosis between voice and instrument as his own personal aim. Horst's own particular journey is an odyssey and a searching for own true sound. The first step is "No Surrender", a logical progression from bis debut album "Therapy Seasons", shows a successful maturing born from a desire for perfection in his own ultimate style. A hard and honest music, exploring all the depths of the human soul, draws it's source from a life full of hope and desire. Different but with a clear vocal message and infectious passion.
    2019 EP GARAGE-CLUB "No Surrender"
    2022 EP GARAGE-CLUB "Weiter Gehen!“

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